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Hey guys from FIFA Coin Trader. My name is Sylvain or SyllyNL and I am back for another trader article. I certainly hope that the previous one (The Silver Method) was helpful. For this article, I’m still going to work with a small budget; I recommend this method when you have around 20k coins. Without further a due, let’s get started with the Mass Bidding Method.

I will start with the basic ideas of this method. It is very easy and best to be done not during peak hours (late in the afternoon and in the evening GMT time). This method is done with non-rare gold players. Look for popular non-rare gold players who sell for about twice their discard value.

A good example is Yohan Cabaye. He discards for about 300, he sells for 700 in a poor formation and 1000 in a good formation. What you are going to do is this: you can either bid a maximum of 400 coins on all the crappy formations (and sell for 700), or you can search for the good formations, bid a maximum of 700 and sell them for 1000. Bid on a ton of players (hence Mass Bidding) and you will win up to half of all your bids.

The most important part is that you find your own player to do this with. Cabaye was just an example, but is everyone is going to use him, it’s not going to work anymore. Another person this works for is Anderson from Manchester United, but again, this is just an example.

I hope I explained this method properly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via Twitter (@SyllyNL) or YouTube ( Hope to see you all next time!

Written by Sylly NL — February 12, 2013